October 25, 2020

Commentary: A Better COVID Testing Option

By Cole Lysaught and Abbas Khan, Special to California Business Journal.

The business community has never faced anything quite like COVID-19. Such an unprecedented health challenge has forced local businesses to lay-off employees, scaled back operations, and in some cases, shut down entirely. As businesses re-open, they are grappling with how to implement organizational safety and employee testing properly. This has led to a hodgepodge approach of temperature checks, sporadic testing, and delayed test results.

What if a better way existed? What if a better alternative to testing existed? One that set business up for success and safety in the months to come. One that lets business stay agile in a time of significant change and uncertainty.

It does.

Texas-based Bloom Health Partners has re-imagined the testing process and created custom-made solutions that equip and empower businesses to implement safe and effective protocols for years to come.

We began by interviewing patients, employees, business owners, and HR directors. This gave us insight into the current pitfalls and areas of improvement in corporate testing processes. From there, we were able to create a unique step-by-step approach that encompasses assessment, testing, and reevaluation for our corporate partners.

In the first step of our process, a Bloom health specialist will be partnered directly with your business. After an extensive review of your company’s needs and a tailor-made implementation plan, we then provide saliva-based PCR, point of care virus, and antibody tests.

Then, Bloom uses a device that safely self-collects the samples.  Since we can serve as both lab and technology agnostic, we are not beholden to our existing lab equipment. Other testing companies are required to rely on national labs for results. Not us. And other companies are typically tied into one proprietary device—a point of care test. Again, not us.

Instead, our custom solution for your company works entirely differently.  We take the samples, and they are collected by a trained medical professional that we provide. A connected device performs the analysis and logs the results within one hour. Typically, PCR testing is turned around within three days, through our network of partner labs, while Point of Care testing options can be turned around in 60 minutes or less.

The results appear on the company’s HIPAA compliant portal in both an administrator dashboard and to the employees/patients individually.

This approach is unique, simple, and effective. And it’s a game-changer for any business trying to find a way to handle testing during these challenging times.

Businesses need help navigating the COVID testing challenges so they can focus on what matters. Simply put, the current system of testing is not a very good one. Now, a new and better system exists that can work right now. By remaining agile in a changing world, we empower businesses to stop the spread and create safe working environments moving forward.

This unique process allows your company to get the solution you need while striking the right balance between accuracy, turnaround time, and budget most accurate results, in the fastest time possible, in the most secure way imaginable.

Abbas Khan and Cole Lysaught are co-founders of Bloom Health Partners.

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