August 5, 2020

6 Important Areas of Digital Marketing You Need to Know

There are several different areas of digital marketing that you should be familiar with. You can learn more about these types by clicking here.

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To keep up in the modern business world, you must incorporate digital marketing into your advertising strategy. Even if you’re not doing it, you can be sure your competitors are.

While it may not be an area you’re familiar with, digital marketing reflects the ways of the evolving world. Smartphones, tablets, and computers have become essential components of our lives. In fact, 81% of Americans use a smartphone every day.

Keep reading to learn more about the most important areas of digital marketing business owners need to know about.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, referees to the algorithm that search engines (Google, Yahoo) use to find relevant information. When a user types in a keyword phrase, the search engine crawls the web to find the best, most relatable content.

Embed your website with relevant SEO through:

  • Blog articles full of keywords
  • Titles and headers embedded with metadata
  • Images, videos, pictures, infographic, and other forms of media embedded with metadata
  • Internal and external links
  • Backlinks (other websites linking back to yours)
  • Location-based SEO (address, local keywords)

Your SEO ranking will directly affect how easily people can find your website. Check out Kick Digital Media for more information.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important branches of marketing. It helps your company relate to consumers by addressing the things they care about. Use your social media posts and blog articles to humanize your company and talk about the issues your target audience are passionate about.

3. Organic Social Media Marketing

Nearly 72% of Americans have at least one social media account. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more, you can reach the vast majority of your target audience.

However, people won’t follow you unless you give them a reason. You have to post engaging, valuable, and relevant content. You can encourage more growth by hosting raffles and other competitions that reward users for engaging with and sharing your content.

4. Paid Social Media Marketing

One of the most valuable areas of digital marketing is paid social media advertising. You can use these platforms to extend your reach to specific demographics of people based on age, gender, location, and more.

Additionally, paid social media ads also track performance statistics. They provide valuable insight into user engagement, such as link clicks, likes, comments, follows, shares, and more.

5. Pay Per Click Marketing

In regards to the paid types of digital marketing, few choices are better than pay per click marketing. PPC marketing allows you to publish ads on other websites. You don’t pay a set fee, however.

Instead, you pay the host website a predetermined amount any time a user clicks on your ad. This can also be effective on search engine sites where you pay to have your website come up at the top of the list based on specific keyword searches.

6. Landing Page Ads

Finally, landing page ads can be used to present a user with a powerful message and a strong call to action. Landing page ads are either pop-up windows or funnel pages.

Typical landing page ads offer exclusive deals or free content if the user completes an action. This action can be signing up for an email list or following the link to a product page.

Want More Information About the Areas of Digital Marketing?

There are a lot of areas of digital marketing not covered in this article. The digital marketing arena is vast and ever-changing. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to educate yourself and know when to seek assistance.

Be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go to learn more and stay ahead of the curve.

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