August 9, 2020

5 Tips for Rehabilitating a Tarnished Brand Image

Has your business’ brand image suffered recently? Use this guide to find suggestions that will help you get back on square footing with consumers.

From the California Business Journal Newswire.

Stop thinking of your company’s brand as a mere logo. It is a powerful entity that carries an image.

What is brand image? Your brand image personifies every aspect of your business in the eyes of the consumer. This makes it a crucial component of success. When the image of your brand takes a hit, profits may plummet.

Read on to learn more about this corporate paradox of fragility and power.

5 Tips on How to Fix a Damaged Brand Image

Negative reviews, rumors, and news scandals can all destroy something you took years to build within minutes. But, you can take these 5 measures to repair your brand attributes.

1. Own Up

Everybody appreciates the courage it takes to admit when you’re wrong. Publically own up to any big mistakes made within the realm of your business.

This might feel really difficult to take on extra shame, especially when you could not directly control the circumstance. Remember though, you choose the people who choose the people that make up your company, and that makes you responsible for a lot of minds.

State what happened, do not make excuses and apologize. Take this a step further by revisiting your mission statement in the public eye and talking about pans to reinforce this.

2. Drug Test Your Employees

Issue drug tests before hiring employees and when you suspect a  problem. How will it help?

Company drug testing can help you repair your brand image if you suffered a hit due to a drug or alcohol-related incident, or if your business seems to carry a bad rap for the employees you hire. It shows that you act responsibly and professionally and that you feel remorse for any incident that occurred with an employee.

It will also protect your brand for the future. Testing for drugs will help you weed out people who may hurt your company in a number of ways.

3. Human-to-Human Marketing Strategies

Human-to-Human marketing brings your brand to life and makes it feel more relatable to the consumer. It gives it a human voice that can apologize and make any errors right. After all, what is a brand image, if not the face of your company in need of a voice?

For this to work, the voice must fit your brand and seem genuine. Connecting with your consumers will make them feel more forgiving towards your brand.

4. Reward Loyal Customers

When your brand image suffers, reach out to your loyal customers to make sure they stick around. Send them a special reward to show your appreciation for their business.

5. Rebrand

People make strong associations with brands and events that occur within the company. If something serious happens that you cannot recover from, then scrap your brand and rebuild it.

This makes sense when efforts cost you more than creating a new brand does. Use the strategies above to create something failproof and avoid another tarnished reputation.

Protect Your Image

Brand image will make or break your business. Protect it first and foremost, and then make repairs when necessary.

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