August 4, 2020

4 Ways Google Translate API Can Enhance Your Startup

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Special to California Business Journal.

In the digital era, plenty of startups need to be incredibly agile and responsive, not just in a domestic context but also when it comes to dealing with overseas markets and forging business relationships across international borders.

Google Translate is an excellent tool which can assist up and coming companies in various ways, so if you have yet to harness it for your own purposes, here is a quick look at the ways that the Google Translate API can be put to good use.

Boosting conversions

If you sell anything online, whether it be physical products or intangible services, you will need to make sure that your website and app are adaptable enough to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of prospective customers.

With the help of the Google Translate API you can achieve this fairly seamlessly, as it can even be used to personalize web forms, such as sign-up pages, booking forms and online checkout interfaces, so that all of the pertinent information is presented to visitors in their native tongue.

If you are struggling with poor conversion rates, especially when it comes to visitors who arrive on your site from overseas, then making this small tweak could deliver serious benefits in a short timeframe.

Maximizing social media impact

Businesses of all sizes need to make the most of social media in order to both build their brands and cater to the needs of their customers today, and this is particularly true for startups that are hoping to stimulate serious growth in a short timeframe.

Once again, the ability to appeal to and engage with an international audience will be an asset in this context, so Google Translate’s API comes into play in a big way.

Whether you want to translate customer feedback provided by Twitter or see what people are saying below your Instagram content after it goes live and starts to be shared far and wide, the integration of Google Translate via management solutions like Hootsuite can be powerful.

Of course since the API can be adapted in any way you see fit and combined with your own apps and services developed in-house, you can make any adjustments you might require and further augment your ability to optimize how social media benefits your startup.

Communicating & collaborating

You will not just need to impress would-be customers with the international outlook of your business using the Google Translate API; you should also consider how it could be a productivity-boosting, relationship-improving tool that makes sense for internal use.

Whether you are posting job listings to attract talented individuals based in other parts of the world, allowing colleagues to collaborate with remote workers on projects regardless of the languages each prefers to use, or getting in touch with contractors and contributors who are not native English speakers, making good use of a translation API will be a worthwhile step.

Even if you only use the API to essentially make it more straightforward to translate large amounts of text using Google Translate, eliminating a few steps to get to this stage, you can grease the cogs which turn at the heart of your startup as soon as possible.


In the hyper competitive world of startups, innovation is invaluable, so whatever you can do to distinguish yourself from established rivals should be prioritized.

Making good use of the Google Translate API will allow you to free your business from one of the most long standing restrictions to innovation that exists and find new ways to work that will bolster your firm’s chances of success.


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