October 20, 2020

By Susan Belknapp, California Business Journal. Is it finally possible that an effective, minimally invasive, cost-efficient treatment for cancer is on the horizon? Morphogenesis Inc. has been developing the cancer treatment since the 1990s. This past January, the company’s human clinical trials opened, enabling the expansion of

By Chris Casacchia, California Business Journal. Earlier in his career, Paul Seegert held roles that contributed to “the problem.” Now he’s providing solutions to mitigate them. Seegert spent more than a decade in management positions at national insurance providers, where he witnessed how “cyclical policies rack up

By Judd Spicer, California Business Journal. Silicon Valley-based Intevac, a global industry leader in thin film processing systems and advanced, high-sensitivity digital sensors and cameras, has announced the release of Diamond Dog, its unique mobile-device screen protectors. Broadly detailing the company's purview, Wendell Blonigan, Intevac's President

By Judd Spicer, California Business Journal. What began modestly as a meet-up group for technology startup founders has spread new and innovative business opportunities across the U.S. The company, Tampa Bay Wave, has emerged as an entrepreneurial and community nexus for tech companies. Over the past dozen