July 11, 2020

David Berneman finds investments in ways and means others wouldn't think or dare to try. The Culver City, CA based investor charts his own path through unexpected L.A. areas. By Lee Barnathan, California Business JournalWhere others see dilapidation and distress, David Berneman sees dollars.Like any investor,

Intuitive Diagnostics help clients gather information via a ‘synergistic combination of intuitive and cognitive mega-data leading to comprehensive corporate insight to help make smart decisions and shrewd choices. BY CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALLiving in China -- and mastering the country’s unique business philosophies -- had a huge

(Photo: Sherri Murphy with daughter Tammi Pickle)BY RICK WEINBERG, CALIFORNIA BUSINESS JOURNALAs Sherri Murphy sat across the dining table from her future husband Bill on their first date in 1994, she simply could not believe her good fortune to meet such a “wonderful gentleman –