June 18, 2019

William Sani, President and Chairman of Hong Kong Custom Grand Tailoring, is a master tailor who custom-fits some of the most powerful executives in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. with elegant suits.


By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal
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William Sani, President and Chairman of Hong Kong Custom Grand Tailoring.

William Sani, President and Chairman of Hong Kong Custom Grand Tailoring.

AS U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY AND U.S. DIPLOMAT MARK RINCON WALK DOWN A WIDE AND OPULENT HALLWAY IN THE  U.S. EMBASSY IN AMMAN, JORDAN, Kerry turns to Rincon and says, “Mark, that is some kind of suit you’re wearing.”

Rincon didn’t know what to say except “thank you.” By now, Rincon is used to people commenting about his exquisite taste in suits, shirts and ties. He gets it all the time – in London, France, Israel … wherever he is.

“It can be quite embarrassing at times,” he says.

Of course, Rincon must look “great” wherever he goes around the world when representing the U.S. in Europe, South America and the Mediterranean. But the suits he wears take “looking great” to a new level.

Rincon’s suits are made by William Sani, one of the finest tailors in the world. Sani, in fact, travels throughout the country to custom fit his clients with the most spectacular custom-designed suits on the market. Sani, chairman and owner of Hong Kong Grand Custom Clothes, travels primarily to New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles to meet customers in exclusive hotel suites with spectacular views.

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