May 28, 2020

Ken Babineau’s former bosses didn’t think he could cut it in the fierce and competitive automobile industry because he was “too nice.” Little did they know that is exactly why he has been a rousing success in the high-end, luxury vehicle segment of today’s diversified car market.

By Rick Weinberg, Editor, California Business Journal.

ken b in roverFOLLOWING HIS FIRST WEEK AS AN automobile salesman, Ken Babineau was harshly criticized by his bosses … for being too nice.

“They wanted me to be a little tougher with customers,” he says.

But that’s not his style. That’s not his personality. He is just too nice of a guy. You notice that immediately when you first meet him – and especially when you talk to him.

He throws the stereotypical automobile salesman into the shredder.