July 13, 2020


Dave and Liz Rohleder of Advanced Comfort Solutions, Inc. have created the ideal energy-efficient company with a premium on doing things “the right way.”

By Rick Weinberg, California Business Journal

All Dave Rohleder wanted was a simple quote on solar and air conditioning for his home in Orange County, California. What he received instead was a huge discrepancy of bids – from $2,000 all the way up to a staggeringly ridiculous $90,000.

That was the day Rohleder and his wife, Liz, put their foot down and decided to launch their own energy performance company for residential homes and commercial buildings, focusing on heating and air conditioning units – and providing clients with the best possible experience through impeccable customer service, honesty and education.

On that day, while reviewing a table-full of 12 quotes, the Rohleders looked at one another and said, “We can do this much better — and more honestly.”

And they have.

They launched Advanced Comfort Solutions, Inc. in Laguna Hills, Calif. in 2009 and are thriving today, thanks in part to their business philosophy and culture – and the expert technicians they have on staff.

Dave Rohleder“What happened that day proved that there are just too many questionable contractors out there,” Dave says. “There was no middle ground. With quotes so wide ranging, it told me that 10 of 12 contractors don’t know what they’re doing or they’re just dishonest. It’s sad but true.”

So the Rohleders started their due diligence, beginning with a full slate of certification training, scouting Orange County locations and meeting with attorneys. “In a way it felt serendipitous because we knew the heating and air conditioning space so well,” Dave says. “We had worked in it – or parallel to it – for years.”

As a cost accountant for some of the nation’s top consumer durable goods firms, Dave could not only tell you every part that went into an air conditioning unit, he could probably put one together in his sleep. Liz, meanwhile, had worked in the same space in sales and marketing. They were both huge proponents of green energy initiatives and reducing costs. Yes, launching their own business was a difficult proposition as they struggled in the early years. Today, they are at the top of the game in Southern California – thanks to the quality of their services, their holistic and analytical approach, the culture of honesty they’ve created, their overall experience and knowledge, and their top-notch certified employees.

The company motto? “We’re trained to exceed expectations,” Liz says.

And that’s exactly what they do – 100% of the time.

Take Cyrus Christian of Lake Forest, Calif. His AC was shot. He called for bids. When he met the Rohleders, his choice was easy. Good thing too – today he’s saving $1,000 annually and he’s far more comfortable in his home.

“My level of comfort is actually better,” he says. “The settings are at 71-72 degrees all the time –without having a higher energy bill. It’s amazing.”

Every client you talk to echoes the same sentiments: their property is much more energy efficient and comfortable, they are reducing their energy costs — and it’s a sheer delight to work with reputable people like the Rohleders.

“We instill in our employees that customer service and quality is No. 1,” Dave says. “I tell them, ‘You will do the job right. You will leave the house better than when you came in.’

Liz Rohleder“We want our techs to have a solid direction — I’m not the type of guy to tell you how to do your job, but I’m setting the expectation and I’m holding [the techs] accountable to that expectation.”

Simple … yet how many businesses these days do it? Odds are that you’ll be more disappointed in the majority of companies you deal with these days, making it so refreshing to work with a company like Advanced Comfort Solutions, Inc.


Advanced Comfort Solutions, Inc.

28562 Oso Parkway

Suite D-338

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. 92688

(949) 335-1050 or (855) 238-2663

Web site: Advcomfort.com

Email: info@advcomfort.com

Read the magazine article. Click here or on the image below.

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  • Love this article. You hit it on the nose. There’s just too many incompetent and dishonest people out there. I like the people you wrote about. Who wouldn’t hire them after a story like this. Well done.

  • Terrific article. It’s so nice to read about business professionals who really care about getting it right.

  • Great article.

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